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Summer Camps

The Connecticut Crease is proud to announce our 2018 Summer Camp Schedule.  Since 2002 CT Crease has striven to offer new and innovative ways to train as a goaltender during the off season. We are excited about the different offerings we have in store for this summer. To register, please click the link to the right or read further for more information about each one. We hope to see you between the pipes.

4 Types of Camps:

On-Ice All Ages


Elite Week

Evening On-Ice

CT Crease is excited to provide an all summer - all access pass. With this pass goalies can attend all camps (excludes elite week) put on by CT Crease for an amazingly discounted price. Once purchased please send us an email with what camps you would like to attend. Goalies with all access passes can even drop in for a day or two between vacations at any camp (excluding elite week).

This option pays for itself in just over 1 camp. Attend all CT Crease camps this summer (excluding elite week) for about half price!

The CT Crease On-Ice Camp offers what our synthetic facility can not, the chance to go over movement and game situations on the big sheet. This camp is limited to just 24 goalies and a maximum of a 3:1 goalie to instructor ratio. While we can fit over 30 goalies on the ice (and have in past years), we feel that 24 is an comfortable level where the ice is not overcrowded.

In this camp we go over everything from basic skating to advanced net play like breakaway and playing the puck. We break goalies down into level and age appropriate groups that will help them push each other to get better while still having an enjoyable experience.

This camp is also combined with the Connecticut Select camp so that all goalies will have the chance to put their newly learned skills to work with real forwards in real situations with CT Crease coaches there to help guide them through it.

      The CT Crease Hybrid Camp is a mixture of both our on-ice format and synthetic only format. It provides the best of both worlds. For this camp we have taken a serious look at what works and doesn't work well for our on-ice and synthetic only camps. From there we took the best parts and combined them into one very unique training experience.

      Hybrid offers the intimate environment of the 2:1 synthetic camp and then brings the technical elements out onto the big ice to show where those little detail pieces fit into the full game. We start the day in our training facility working on technical movements and ideas for the day. Then the goalies will go through a variety of different training exercises for the day. There will be strength and conditioning with MB Sports Training, Hand - Eye Work, and 2 different Video Sessions. One video session will be used to go over a drill that each goalie does that day. Our analysis will be recorded and emailed home each night. The second video session will be a breakdown of a professional or college level game. This will help each goalie learn how to watch a hockey game as a student rather than just a spectator.

     Since this camp is as intense, if not more, than our on-ice only camp we limit it to age level 11 and up. If your goalie is younger please inquire about attendance. Some exceptions may be made.

Full Day: 9AM - 5PM

2:1 Ratio
12 Goalies in Camp Max
7.5 Hours Synthetic Time
5 Hours Real Ice Time
5 Hours Off-Ice
10 Hours Video
    Emailed Home Each Night
2.5 Hours Hand-Eye Work
Lunch Included
Jersey Included
Custom Tailored Drills
Advanced Skills Covered
State Certified Camp

This Camp is for AAA, High School, Prep School, and Junior level goaltenders. It includes high end shooters (only NCAA D1, D3, Junior A, or Pro shooters) and a grueling work out to get ready for the upcoming season. Guest speakers will be in attendance through out the week including a sport psychologist and college coaches. Medical staff will be on hand to attend to any issues. CCM demo gear will be made available. Every coach on the ice is either an NCAA D1 or OHL goalie coach.

This camp is designed to give every goalie in attendance the professional atmosphere they desire and require to be ready for their season. Each day is custom tailored to what each group needs to better their game and help them achieve greatness in the coming season.

Camp includes 2 hours of ice a night, goaltender specific work outs, and guest speakers.

Each goalie in attendance will receive a special gift packet to enhance their experience at camp.

Evening: 3:30PM - 9:30PM
    Some groups start later than 3PM
    (Please ask for details if unable to make it until later)

3:1 Ratio
15 Goalies on ice at a time, maximum
High level Guest Coaches
Pro, NCAA, Prep-school shooters
Guest Speakers
    Hockey IQ Video Sessions
    (Made available later online)
Vaughn Demo Gear Available
Jersey Included
Custom Tailored Drills
Advanced Skills Covered
State Certified Camp


Due to the already low price we are unable to apply our special offer discounts to this camp.

  CT Crease is excited to offer our first evening camp. This camp is designed for all ages and will be broken down into groups so the more advanced goalies can work on their topics while the more beginner goalies can get the proper subjects covered that they need.

     Before each ice session we will show a video covering the topics we will tackle on the ice. Then after we will do a video breakdown of each goalie that will be voiced over and sent home. Parents are encouraged to attend these sessions.

     The time of this camp is so all parents can attend if they wish. It also will hopefully solve any time constraint issues that a full day camp may pose.

Full Day: 5:00PM - 7:30PM

3:1 Ratio
24 Goalies in Camp Max
8.75 Hours Real Ice Time
5 Hours Video
    Emailed Home Each Night
Jersey Included
Custom Tailored Drills
Advanced Skills Covered
Basic Skills Covered

Connecticut Crease

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